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Mario Kart 7 provides 3D racing!

It’s time to rev your engines and head for that chequered flag one more time, as Mario Kart 7 has arrived on the Nintendo 3DS.

Everything that made Mario Kart so successful in the past is here, plus there are all kinds of new things to look forward to. There’s the usual fast-paced kart racing with some of your favourite Nintendo characters, but now the multiplayer mayhem, cup challenges and brilliant battle modes are all the more exciting – thanks to the 3D power of the Nintendo 3DS system.  

But Mario Kart 7 delivers much more than just a glasses-free 3D racing experience, with frenetic fun across a host of landscapes that see Mario and his co-drivers take to the road, sky and even land! In addition to all the familiar Mushroom Kingdom characters gamers have come to know and love, there are plenty of other reasons to get behind the wheel again.

Play together… or on your own

Multiplayer racing is one of the things that make Mario Kart one of many fantastic and challenging Nintendo 3DS games and with this latest entry in the series, Nintendo 3DS games can easily link up their devices to a broadband Internet or local wireless connection to play against their friends – or take on other racers from across the world!

Of course, while challenging others is great, so is challenging yourself, which is why Mario Kart 7 has its fair share of fun for solo drivers too. You can race through the Grand Prix and compete to be champion, or hone your skills in the Time Trial modes.

Create a Community!

If you prefer taking on others, the all new Community features of Mario Kart 7 will be right up your street. Not only does it allow you to create groups and add players to a special league all of your own, it also lets you set up specific rules to the community for more customisable racing environments.

The Community feature is easy to set up and combines with the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass feature to help you get the most out of the game by taking on new opponents. Community leaderboards will also mean you always have the most up-to-date information from group races.

Get more from StreetPass and SpotPass

By using StreetPass and SpotPass, Nintendo 3DS gamers can also share their achievements simply by walking past each other in the street. With StreetPass enabled, you’ll be able to pick up and exchange racing scores and see how other players are doing.

With SpotPass enabled, you can even receive ghost data from others that you can race against. As up to seven ghosts can be downloaded and saved at any one time, this means you can have a full eight-player race.

New challenges and characters… including you!

If you are looking forward to a new challenge, you won’t be disappointed. There are eight new courses in the Mushroom Cup and Flower Cup to take on – some of which are set in the jungles of Donkey Kong Country. There are also eight classic courses in the Shell Cup and Banana Cup, including Luigi's Mansion from the Nintendo DS and Koopa Beach from the Nintendo 64.

The game also has new playable characters like Metal Mario and Lakitu, plus, you can even use your own Mii character to take on your opponents – giving you a truly personalised racing experience!

Mario Kart 7 hits shelves across the world this December, so pre-order now to avoid disappointment!