Exclusive look at Oliver Stone's Savages 
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Phwoar! It's Blake Lively!

Savages Blake Lively featurette

Blake Lively talks about her new film...
Oliver Stone made ultimate Vietnam war flick Platoon and his latest thriller tells the tale of two weed growers - Aaron Johnson as a chilled out Buddhist dude and John Carter star Taylor Kitsch the ex-Navy Seal and mercenary- keen to make a killing with their waccy baccy. As the wonga rolls in life couldn't be sweeter with the two 'sharing' hot girlfriend Blake Lively in a saucy menage a trois... 
But when a Mexican drug cartel fronted by Salma Hayek gets a whiff of the boys' super strength crop the chaps find themselves caught between her brutal enforcer Benico Del Toro and bent DEA agent John Trovolta. So it's time to don their wrestling masks and get busy with some serious payback!
Savages is in cinemas September 21st.