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Halo 4 Spartan Ops trailed!

Halo 4 truly is the game that keeps on giving. After you've finished the campaign and [redacted due to intense spoilerisms], you then enter the Infinity multiplay arena which will supply month upon month of, well, being shot in the head, chest and extremities. 

But then, you've got Spartan Ops. A weekly download mission pack, "season one" boasts 10 episodes comprising 50 co-op missions of you and three buddies taking the fight to the Covenant and Promethean Knights. With energy weapons and shouting over headsets. When's the first mission? Dunno, they've not said. But they have released this promo vid featuring heightened CGI drama and exciting strings. 

Again, to clarify. This all comes free if you buy the game. Which represents good value.