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Nuts chats to Peter Griffin!

We were lucky enough to get to ask the legend that is Peter Griffin from Family Guy a few questions, and he didn't disappoint! Here are his views on Kate Middleton, Quagmire's dangly bits and the Olympics!

Nuts: Hi Peter! Do you ever watch The Cleveland show? Are you angry with him for leaving the neighbourhood?

Peter: There's a "Cleveland Show"?  I mean, I love "The Cleveland Show"!

Nuts: If you could finally get rid of Meg for good, how would you do it?

Peter: Well, I think I would eat a huge burrito, or some Indian food ('cause you guys don't have no Mexicans), and fart in her face until she suffocates on my bean or curry gas.

Nuts: How does Brian manage to get so many hot blonde chicks into bed? He's a dog!

Peter: Apparently blonde chicks like bangin' dogs more than other chicks do.  Hey, I tell you what, everyone should go up to a blonde chick on the street and say, "I know you bang dogs."  That's gotta be, like, a surefire pick-up line...

Nuts: What did you think of the London Olympics?

Peter: I liked 'em.  I mostly watched on my smart phone.  The opening ceremony was a tiny spectacle.

Nuts: You've had some great inventions such as your flying 'peter-copter' - do you have any more in the pipeline.

Peter: Oh, of course.  I am always developing inefficient and expensive modes of transportation behind Lois' back.

Nuts: We think Lois is a very hot lady, how do you keep all the man that fancy her at bay?

Peter: Guns.  This is America. 

Nuts: How many women do you think Quagmire has slept with?

Peter: I don't know an exact number, but I've heard his penis looks like a melting snowman.

Nuts: If you could start your own magazine (a bit like Nuts magazine) what would you feature?

Peter: It would feature very large boobs getting pies thrown at them, then twenty pages of barbecue reviews.

Nuts: Will you be making anymore 'Jackass' videos? Even though last time you broke your back falling off the roof in a shopping cart?

Peter: I can't.  Lois took my video camera away and I have to check in with her before I play outside now.

Nuts: Do you have a message for all your fans over in the UK?

Peter: I don't know where that exactly is, but it sounds fancy.  So, keep up the fanciness.  Oh yeah, and also the hot princess with the blurry bush.  Because of that, I don't skip past the big bushes on the internet anymore.  Now, big-bush porn makes me feel rich and famous. 

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