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Danny Trejo talks to Nuts!

We spoke to one of the stars of A Very Harold and Kumar (3D) Christmas, 'Machete' hero Danny Trejo! And he was a top man!

Nuts: Hi Danny! Is it a different experience making a comedy rather than some of your more action packed movies?

Well everyone in action movies is trying their best to look double-hard, which I find hilarious! Doing this kind of film you're just constantly laughing, I mean I'm trying to act between Harold and Kumar, how am I supposed to keep a straight face!

Nuts: Have you ever found it hard to watch any of the films you've acted in?

DT: Nah I really enjoy watching them, I love what I do and I do what I love!  

Nuts: Is Machete the craziest movie you've worked on?

DT: It was pretty crazy, and I loved doing that movie - even if I hadn't been in it I would have loved it! Me and Robert Rodriguez go back about twenty years, and we talked about it even then. He's a real hero you know, there's no capes or anything like that! We just finished the sequel, with Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson, and I tell you, that's gonna make the first one look like a nursery rhyme!

Nuts: You've also done voice overs for video games like Call of Duty, do you play games yourself?

DT: My son plays the Call of Duty games, and I'm really proud that he says his Dad is in the game somewhere! I enjoy doing them, like I say I enjoy everything I do, including video games!

Nuts: Who do you like better, Harold or Kumar?

DT: Ha ha, how am I supposed to choose, man? They are both hilarious guys, and you have to see them in this movie, it is just so funny. I couldn't help but crack up the whole time!

Nuts:  had a film made about your life in 2005 (Champion) that featured some very big names in the movie world - was that a strange experience?

DT: It was kind of strange, and kind of personal but at the same time when I go to speak to young kids in prisons (Trejo served nine years in prison himself) it lets me remember everything I went through and the struggle to get to where I am now. Movies give me an advantage, because when I speak to kids they actually want to know what the guy from Con Air is talking about!

Nuts: Will you be appearing in the sequel to Anchorman?

DT: Ahh I'd love to! But I'm so busy, it's because I don't want to turn work down! If someone offers me a lead on a movie but I've already said I'll be a garbage man in another movie, I'm gonna still be a garbage man!

If you could have appeared in any movie, past or present, which would you choose?

DT: There's a western movie that starred Val Kilmer called Tombstone - I would have loved to be in that movie. Seriously I watch it all the time. Whenever I see Val I just quote lines from the film to him just to impress him!

A Very Harold and Kumar (3D) Christmas is out on November 5th on 3D Blu-ray™ and DVD.

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