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Car Crash Near Misses

Some people really are this lucky! As this car speeds through a red light at a junction it simply glides narrowly through each lane of traffic untouched and safely to the other side.

This will teach you to look both ways before stepping onto a zebra crossing! As a bus collides into the back of an unsuspecting car, the force carries both vehicles across the road narrowly missing a pedestrian.

Principle rule of driving on country roads: don’t over-take a car when approaching a bend in the road. And this is exactly why! Watch the yellow car as it hovers on the wrong side of the road unaware that it is about to have a stand-off with an oncoming truck.

A driver’s worst nightmare; watching a truck begin to jack-knife in front of you and knowing there’s nothing you can do to stop it (except maybe pray)! Luckily, this driver is spared as the truck driver manages to make a correction just in time.

A key example of why some people get so nervous crossing railway lines! With no barrier or obvious flashing lights to indicate a train’s arrival, this first clip shows a car flying across and narrowly missing collision with a train.

Blink and you’ll miss it! Fast-forward to 0:37 and see this high speed car hurtle towards a car over-taking on the other side of the road.  

It’s not just cars that are involved in the near miss action. These two motorcyclists have a lucky escape when facing a head on collision on a blind corner.

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