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End of Watch

End of Watch exclusive clip

"I am fate with a badge and a gun. Protecting the prey from the predators. The good from the bad. We are the police."

Check out this exclusive clip from the cop thriller of the year!

Jake Gyllenhaal goes on patrol with Michael Pena in End of Watch (from the maker of Training Day) but while this exclusive clip highlights the buddy cop vibes of work place pranks this police procedural is nails.

The story unfolds through the hand held camera footage of cops and gang members intercut with surveillance footage as the pair work the mean streets of south central Los Angeles on the trail of dope, money and guns... Gyllenhaal and Pena trained with real cops for five months learning firearms, tactics and driving skills for a cop classic that takes it to the streets using real people and locations. It's all kinds of awesome!

End of Watch is in cinemas November 23

To find out more visit the official facebook page.