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Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths UK trailer

"I didn't mean to break his nose... It just happened to be in the way of where I was punching."

 Sam Rockwell delivers some killer lines as one of seven nutters in a way cool new comedy from Martin McDonagh - the Oscar-winning writer/director behind ace hitman comedy In Bruges.

 For his next flick he's reunited with Colin Farrell in a shaggy dog story featuring an all star cast. Our second favourite Irish actor (well, you can't argue with Liam Neeson because he'll find you and he'll kill you!) plays a struggling Hollywood screenwriter (The seemingly normal one) who becomes accidentally embroiled in the Los Angeles underworld when his oddball friend Christopher Walken (The non-violent one) kidnaps a Shih Tzu that belongs to gangster Woody Harrelson's (The One with issues). As you do.

 Completing the cast of Seven Psychopaths are Sam Rockwell (He won't take any Shih Tzu), Bond girl Olga Kurylenko (She thinks she's hot Shih Tzu), Tom Waits (The one with the bunny), and Abbie Cornish (The passive-agressive girlfriend). We'll be going crazy to see it in UK cinemas December 7th.