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Can you pull in a Ford Focus?

Now in its third generation the Ford Focus has always been a popular car with many used versions available through sites like, but can you really pull in a Focus? The car that redefined the family hatchback is actually sexier than you think. Most guys think that they need a flash car to impress the girls; whether that’s a larger engine or a faster drive.

As you’re smarter than the average guy you know fast cars don’t get you girls. Turning up in a dirty clapped out Volvo with a badly fitted body kit won’t impress a girl either by any means, but a good ride doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Ranging between £4,000 and £15,000 for a used Focus it is easy enough to impress the ladies and keep within an average budget. Despite not being the fastest car around a 2011 edition Ford Focus offers a 1.6l engine with Eco Boost giving the power of a two litre and the 177lb ft torque usually associated with a diesel. Driving to and from work it’s smooth and quiet - almost grown up, but if you want to catch someone’s attention all you need to do is put your foot down and this car turns into an unwitting superhero.

The interior of the car is when you’re going to fly or fail. Women will not be impressed by a dirty car, and although the Focus isn’t the roomiest hatchback available the close proximity can’t be a bad thing on a date. The neat chrome touches combined with other matte finishes around the dashboard and steering wheel make the car more attractive and are bound to impress.

If you have enough confidence (and cleanliness) you can pull in any car.  In fact your car should be treated the same as your body; keep it clean, tidy and well maintained. Given the choice between a brand new Bentley and a battered Volvo the ladies will always go with the better looking.