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Xbox One Special!

Video: Xbox One Special!

Yup, eight long years and over 77 million boxes flogged after Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox 360, on Tuesday they took the wraps off their vision for the next chapter in gaming. Then called it, strangely, Xbox One. Here are the ten things you need to know about what Microsoft hope will live under you TV for the next umpteen years!

1 It’s big!

Strangely, Microsoft wouldn’t give us the dimensions of this box. Probably because it’s  huge! It looks miles bigger than the 360, and may even out-chubby the original Xbox, which was laughed at for being a bit of a porker eleven years ago.

2 It’s powerful!

It’s clearly beefy for a reason. Again, Microsoft wouldn’t confirm the exact tech specs, but we do know the main processor has a five billion transistor count, alongside 64bit architecture and 8Gb of RAM? What does that mean? It’ll be faster than a greased up Usain Bolt. Fired out of a canon. Plus! There’s a Blu-ray disc drive and a 500Gb hard drive soaking up space in there.

3 Kinect is mandatory!

Every Xbox One will come with a Kinect sensor. And it won’t work without it. But this new, improved sensor is now full 1080p HD, records at 30 frames per second and is sensitive enough to track your heart beat from the blood flow through your face! Wow! Is anyone else a bit creeped out by that?

4 Talk to it. And it does telly!

The new, improved Kinect sensor means voice recognition is off the scale. And it’s all connected. So holler, “Xbox on!” and it’ll turn on the Xbox and your TV instantly. Then, recognising your face, it’ll boot up your profile and even suggest games to play and TV to watch!

5 It does snap!

This is new. Flap your arms about (well, do a two-arm pinch, like you’d pinch a touch-screen tablet) and the main screen wipes aside to throw a second screen up, across the right-hand third of your tele. You can use this to run apps like IMDB to check actor’s names and that, or even take Skype calls live, while you play a game or watch the footy!

6 It’s got a new controller!

It looks much like the old one, but Microsoft have made 40 changes to the best controller in the business. This includes shaving off the handles to fit hands better, moving the battery for a slimmer profile, and putting rumble on the triggers. So you’ll feel every bullet! All the bullets!

7 Gamertags and gamer scores continue!

This is a big one. There will be continuity in your gamertag, your gamer score and your avatar. So xboxnoobroolz93 that seemed like a good idea four years ago can still be your silly, public name on the new system. And that hard won gamer score that has cost innumerable relationships, 45% of your income to Dominos and given you a wobbly tummy continues! Yay!

8 It saves games!

This was strangely hidden in the launch press bumpf, but the 500Gb hard drive constantly saves your gaming. So pull off a forty yard screamer in FIFA, ace a track in Forza or win an actual game online in CoD and you can quickly save your awesomeness to Xbox Live to brag to your chums.

9 It works with pre-owned! Kinda!

This is a bit of a sticky wicket. There were rumours that the box would block second hand games. It doesn’t, but there’s a hitch. Each game will be tied to your account. So if you buy a game second hand, you’ll probably have to pay a fee to unlock and play it. A fee that’s to be confirmed. So watch this space.

10 The games! Dear lord! The games!

An eye-poppingly beautiful Forza Motorsport 5 was trailed, showing McLaren’s P1 hypercar buzzing a track like god’s own runabout. And the Alan Wake chaps showed an all new game called Quantum Break. Microsoft have confirmed 15 exclusive games in year one, including 8 brand new franchises. And Call Of Duty Ghosts, FIFA 14, Assassin’s Creed 4, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Battlefield 4, Thief and a new Need For Speed game have all been confirmed for Xbox One. And all will look sweeter than a Krispy Kreme doughnut shotgunning Sunny Delights!

That’s it! Ten reasons we’re super excited about the new Xbox! We’ll get more info about the games at games expo E3 in three weeks. And hopefully a peek at the new Playstation! Who knows! Tune in for that stuff! Collett out!