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Call Of Duty Ghosts multiplay revealed!

So Nuts is in that Los Angeles for the global reveal of Call Of Duty Ghosts all-new multiplay game. And they're not kidding when they say "all-new"! This is the biggest overhaul the game's multiplay has had since it was launched – 80% of the guns have been tweaked, and nothing was seen as sacred. 

What do you need to know? The game will ship with 14 multiplayer maps, 7 new game modes, 30 new weapons (including a new class: Marksman), 20 new kill streaks and a new co-op mode. There will be a support app that'll work online and offline. During gameplay you'll be able to swap loadouts on the fly with it as a second screen, and offline you can change your crew (each soldier is customisable in up to 20,000 combinations), recruit and organise your Clans and message them direct. 

Strike packages return, in three classes: Support, Specialist and Assault. Support don't reset on death and are helpful. Assault are all aggressive and shouty and Specialist adds perk after perk. Deathstreaks have been, well, killed. Maps are now dynamic and will change according to gameplay. So gas stations can blow up, fall over and kill you (yes, maps can now kill you) and perks and new sight lines can be uncovered by blowing stuff up. 

We played two new modes: Cranked which is a mental all-out assault. Every kill adds a speedy perk: sprint, reload, etc and begins a 30 second timer. Killing adds another perk and resets the timer, let it count to zero and you self destruct. This is fun. And Search & Rescue, a objective-based mode with a twist. When you're killed, you drop dog tags. If a teammate grabs them, you respawn, if an enemy does, you're out. In short, they're both brilliant. Plus! You can play as a woman! Imagine that!

And the whole shebang's soundtracked by a brand new Eminem song, Survival, premiered in the trailer. Now that's leverage. 

Oh, and the COD dog Riley is a killstreak. And he's top hard.