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CoD Ghosts Special!

Video: CoD Ghosts Special!

Lucy Collett reports on the unveiling of Call of Duty: Ghosts, with multiplayer video and all the other news from LA!

GGG Call of Duty special.

This week we jumped on a plane for an emotional 48 hours in Los Angeles, as Activision finally pulled the wraps off Call Of Duty Ghosts, with a world-exclusive tickle on the multiplay action. There were huge, expensive screens; powerpoint presentations; head-cracking noise, an Eminem world exclusive shouted over the trailer and hours upon hours of us getting remorselessly killed by players better than us. We came. We saw. We went home in a body bag. But here are the 10 things we learned…

1 It’s all new!

Der! Stating the bleedingly obvious, but this year’s CoD multiplayer has been completely revamped. Nothing was sacred and everything was on the line. As a result, over 80% of the weapons have been overhauled or dropped, the perks system has been given a tune up and strike packages have been given a tinker. Oh, and death strikes have been banished.

2 New weapons!

There have been over 30 new weapons introduced for this one, including an all-new weapon class, Marksman, which is a scoped or unscoped, one-shot weapon in between a sniper rifle and assault weapon. For the more skilled killer, then. 

3 Perks explained

This is a bit like Black Ops 2’s “pick 10”, only instead of slots, Perks cost points. You get 8 points to spend, and Perks cost between 1 and 5 points. Explained for dummies? If you want, you can select 8, one-point Perks, or a five pointer and a three pointer, or four, 2-point perks. Then, even more confusingly, you can swap stuff in your loadouts, so you can trade a second weapon, or tactical grenade, for instance, for more perks points.

4 New mode one: Cranked

We played two, all-new game modes: “Cranked” – where each kill earns a speed-based perk: faster running, quicker reloads etc. There’s a catch, of course. Getting your perk starts a 30-second timer. Score another kill, you get another perk, the clock resets and you carry on your spree. But if the clock runs down, you explode! So for us, exploding was like a tiny victory, as it proved we’d stayed alive for at least an entire half minute.

5 New mode two: Search And Rescue

Our second new mode we played was “Search & Rescue”. This is an objective-based mode that’s much like the “Search & Destroy” mode from the last Call Of Duty. Only when you die and drop dog tags, if a teammate picks it up, you respawn, if an enemy grabs them, you meet the Reaper. Either you plant your bomb successfully, or eliminate all the other team to win.

6 Squads

Now you can create your own squad of 10 badass, gun-toting, killing bastards. And prestige every one of these, so that’s 10 prestiges to go complete. And you can play these squads in offline matches against your mates’ squads, or better players. You control one chap, the others are controlled by the console’s AI, but they’ll play to their loadouts. So if your chap has a sniper loadout, he’ll go and be a sniper. Mixing and matching your squad, then, will result in a more balanced team of mercs. Plus, you can learn the maps and play with guns to find out which suit your game style best.

7 Strike packages

Strike packages return, in three flavours: assault, support and specialist. Assault is your classic, aggressive, gung-ho point man. And they reset upon karking. These feature the new SatCom, which replaces the hard-to-kill drone and are placed on the ground. So hide em! And the “maniac” advanced juggernaut armour, who brings knives to the gun fight. Then there’s support package, which is a more touchy-feely team-based group of perks which don’t reset on death and “Specialist”, where consecutive kills award extra perks. For your card-carrying CoD mental.

8 Maps can kill you!

The maps are now “dynamic”, and they change throughout encounters, depending on the game. So gas stations can be blown up and brought down on to crack heads, shipping crates can be blown open for goodies and new lines of sight exposed. If there’s not a “being killed by a Gas station” achievement, we’re leaving the country!

9 There’s an app for it

Out at launch will be an iPhone and Android app that’ll sync with your Call Of Duty profile. So you can customize your troops online, which will be downloaded, ready to play when you get home. You can recruit and message your clan members directly from the app, and even set it up as a second screen while you play, changing loadouts on the fly, for instance, when you bite a bullet.

10 It’s got dogs!

One of your strike package rewards is “Guard Dog”, which unleashes Riley, the Navy SEALs “tactical dog”. This works as a guard dog, running in front of you and killing enemies with one bite, even after you’ve been killed. This hairy shit is really, really effective – small, fast and hard to kill, and will be the bane of your online life. Conversely, put Fido down big rewards.

And that’s it. Our first taste of new CoD online. The stand staff had to use a hammer to separate us from the controller, it’s that fun. It’s something Activision just don’t mess up. If you’re a CoD fan, you are not going to be disappointed.

Till next time, gamers! See you soon! This is Lucy Collett, logging off.