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Nuts chats to Chris Ramsey!

Hi Chris! You're a regular on Celebrity Juice - have you ever been round to Keith Lemon's house?

- I have indeed. He lives in a giant hollowed out lemon in the middle of Leeds. It stings your eyes and skin for the first few hours that you are there and he has no furniture so your pants get all wet and lemony from sitting on the floor... And don't put your nob against the wall. It was a horrible experience and I will not be going again.

Do you ever forget which panel show you're on and get the rules mixed up?

- Panel show rules are not the strictest, but I think if I got up and danced at the end of mock the week, Dara would choke me out.

If you could, would you eat Nando's for every meal including breakfast? We would!

- When I'm on tour I honestly have it at least once a day. It's the perfect tour food. You can order healthy if you wish... But I normally just eat my weight in chips and rice. But you can't be having chicken for breakfast... Can you? I had a chicken sausage in Dubai once and nearly burst into tears, it was horrific.

How did it feel getting sent to the dressing room for using bad words on Soccer AM?

- It was a roller coaster of emotions really. I felt massively confused for a minute, like a rebel for about 20 seconds and then like a total f**king idiot for, well... Until now actually.

Do you support Sunderland or Newcastle?

- No. I don't follow football as much as I used to... Still doesn't stop taxi drivers banging on about it for entire journeys though... At least they aren't being racist I suppose.

How long does it take to perfect your trademark hair-do?

- I'm not sure. Time stands still when I do it. Like Bernard's watch. Although that watch s wasted on him. He used to use it to go home and collect him PE kit. The idiot.

What's the finest piece of heckling you've ever heard?

- A posh girl once shouted at me "we'll what would you call a f**king peacock then?!" (It's a long story)

If you could go on a "Trip" with Steve Coogan or Rob Brydon, who would you go with?

- Jason Cook.

Can you tell us your favourite bit of North-East slang?

- I like the word 'chod' it means poo. Not to be confused with 'chode' which means a penis that is fatter than it is long. You're welcome.

Finally if you could add one item of food to the menu at Nando's what would it be? Peas pudding?

- Bacon into the chicken wraps. Get it done. Now.


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