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Iron Man 3 on Blu-ray!

Included in the ace extras package for the Marvel hero three-quel is a cool 'How the hell did they do that!?' look at some of the amzing stunts from the film including the canned crusader's death defying rescue of human rain falling through the sky from Air Force One. Iron Man 3 is available on DVD and Blu-ray now!

Read our review for the full lowdown on the showdown:

Chaps, you're in for a treat as the canned crusader returns with post traumatic stress following The Avengers: "Gods, aliens, beings from another dimension... I'm just a man in a can!"

Lethal Weapon creator Shane Black is the man behind the camera and delivers some ace set pieces - the Air Force One rescue seen in the trailer is a real jaw dropper - and a fistful of wisecracking one liners as Tony Stark battles his demons and a new threat in the form of terrorist loon The Mandarin played with devilish glee by Sir Ben Kingsley.

The writer/director has previous with Robert Downey Jr on the excellent black comedy thriller Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and the pair rustle up the old magic in the best Marvel hero flick yet. Hang in there for some killer twists and a demonic turn from Guy Pearce - his mad scientist Aldrich Killian is in league with The Mandarin after inventing a viral biotech weaponry called Extremis which turns humans into metal melting Terminator-style assassins!

With Tony incognito and presumed dead when The Mandarin destroys his cliff top crash pad in a moody opening act it's back to basics as our favourite billionaire genius goes underground in a battle to keep Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) safe from harm with the help of his new MK 42 suit. It's an amazing 'autonomous' weapon he can summon to fly through the air and wrap around him piece by piece. With help from Rhodes (Don Cheadle) rocking his Iron Patriot suit we know we're heading for a final smack down but the journey to a WTF finale sees Stark coping without his toys which makes for some inventive nods to the world of the buddy cop action thriller Shane Black practically invented. So when the going gets tough does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

After the disappointment of the 2010 sequel we were hoping for big things for RDJ's fourth outing in the iron suit following Joss Whedon's epic Avengers flick... With suitably awesome action set pieces combined with a twisty story and ace dialogue prepare to be sucked in for a barrage of five star fun!