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Hard Rush

Video: Hard Rush

This week we got our hands on Hard Rush, the new Dolph Lundgren actioner and it rocks!

In this dark and dangerous thriller, nightclub-running hustlers Frank (Daniel Bonjour) and Eddie (Gianni Capaldi) make a Scarface-style play for the gangster big time. But it’s not long before they find themselves in too deep…

Which is where Dolph comes in, as DEA agent Maxwell, going toe-to-toe with psychotic drug lords and bent coppers on the mean streets of Los Angeles!

The cast is packed with Nuts faves, including Vinnie Jones as a nutcase crim, and former UFC world champ Randy Couture busting some killer MMA movesas a dodgy cop.

The tension builds to a bullet-riddled showdown and a fight scene between Dolph and Randy, that had us flinging our popcorn around in excitement. The perfect bloke film for you and your mates!

Available on DVD and Blu-Ray now.