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Pong Anti-Radiation Cases

Pong Research Corporation, maker of the world’s most technologically advanced iPad and smartphone cases, today launches in the UK. 
Pong improves mobile device signal strength, maintains battery life, and protects against radiation exposure-with cases for the iPad and iPhone and other smartphones.
Pong is launching the first and only case that can protect devices as well as boost 3G/4G reception, improve signal strength and download and upload speeds, and increase range-all whilst reducing end user exposure to radiation.

Pong has developed the first patented technology that is proven in certified laboratories to protect the mobile device’s signal strength while also redirecting cell phone radiation away from the user, by up to 95% below international safety limits as measured on the Specific Absorption Rate or “SAR” scale.
The cases, which are available for iPad, iPhone, and Blackberry and Android phones, are available in different colours and finishes. The cases also provide durable protection, shock absorption and scratch protection.

Most users of cell phones are unaware that over 50% of the radiation emitted by their phones can be absorbed into their heads and bodies. The absorption of this “near field” energy not only disrupts the signal necessary for the phone to communicate with a cell tower, but also underlies increasing concerns among physicians, scientists and lawmakers who believe this exposure to be a health hazard.
Grab your own now starting from just £39.99, available from

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Pong Anti-Radiation Cases


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