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VW campervan tent!

At a recent festival, the guys and girls at Monster Factory were struck by the lack of innovation in the tent market ... row after row of similar tents meant they had to put our heads together to come up with something truly different. Very soon after, the 1965 VW camper van tent was born. Every detail is exact to the original, apart from the small matter of a lack of engine!

We were lucky enough to take one of the VW camper van tents to V Festival and (despite being camping virgins) found it to be quick and easy to get up...which meant more drinking time!

The tents are incredibly roomy, comfortably sleeping four people within the two inner rooms ( us at V, two very drunk 20-something year old girls from our office in one end and lots of beer in the other). The generous height of the tents also makes it possible to stand up inside, invaluable when dressing in your festival gladrags or sheltering from the rainy British summertime! Talking of rain, the tents have impressive waterproofing specifications at 3000mm for the roof and 1000mm for the sides!

Get your hands on it here!

Nuts Rated: 9/10

VW campervan tent!


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