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Nuts Video: Amy Lu Check out yet another amazing blonde discovered by Nuts!
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Amy Lu

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Amy Lu's Bio

Amy Lu caught the modelling bug when she was in secondary school and used to read men's magazines with 'great interest'. She later made her Nuts debut in 2006 when she pulled on a soccer shirt and revealed her gorgeous figure in Football's Fittest Fan. Since then she's appeared in Nuts many times over and has brightened up every bloke's morning by regularly de-robing for Page 3 in The Sun. The Berkshire babe tells us her career highlight so far is being included in Nuts' Best Boobs 2008. Well, with 30E front bumpers we'd have been stupid (and most probably blind) to have over looked her! But it's not just her cracking figure we're fans of. She's also the sort of girl you could take out with your mates and she'd probably drink them under the table too. "On a night out I can get through 10 pints of Strongbow," Amy Lu, 20, tells us, "and I'm still standing at the end." And what of your bedroom shenanigans AmyLu? Do you have anything special up your sleeve for the lucky man? "Other then my handcuffs and high heels?" Er... yep - that'll do nicely. Blimey!

Amy says...

"I don't have a problem with boys talking to my boobs, have a look if you want!"

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Official Amy Lu

Imagine knowing everything about the gorgeous Amy Lu. Let's face it - who wouldn't want to find out all about her? Well just visit her official site where you can find an exclusive interview, how to send her a gift or letter and even get your favourite photograph signed.

Amy Lu - Official Site

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