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Chanelle's Bio

Big Brother has given us some rather questionable stars over the last few years - we're not naming names - but we can all give thanks for Chanelle Hayes. When she went into the Big Brother house in 2007 at the age of 19, she was a pint-sized northern saucepot from Wakefield with a slightly odd Posh Spice obsession. Since she came out, however, she has shunned the usual Big Brother career path of just going to a lot of showbiz parties and opening supermarkets, and has become a top draw in the glamour world, a TV presenter and pop singer. She's presented on VH1 and Nuts TV, released a distinctly saucy pop single by the name of I Want It, famously enjoyed an even more saucy 'sex tape' romp with a puppet for her MTV show Chanelle: Wannabe Popstar. Perhaps most importantly of all, however, she made her nude magazine debut in Nuts in 2007, and has returned to the cover several times on account of the fact that she is absolutely stunning. A lot better-looking than Posh Spice, in fact.

Chanelle says...

"In my dream shoot, I'd wear nothing but Swarovski crystals and I'd have them covering my bits. I'd be wearing big diamond rings and a pair of stilettos and that's it. It'd be so sexy."

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Official Chanelle

The best reason for watching Big Brother now has her own official website and we reckon its definitely worth a look. Find out about where she will be appearing and all the latest news as she launches her singing career. Worth a look, we think so!.

Chanelle - Official Site

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