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Emma Glover

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Emma's Bio

Once upon a time, lovely Essex lady Emma Glover was sat in an office, bored, and decided to send off some pictures of herself to an agency.

It turned out that the agency was very clever, because within 24 hours they had turned office employee Emma Glover into aspiring glamour model Emma Glover, and the rest is history.

Pretty soon, the 32F lovely had signed on the dotted line and become an official Nuts girl, which means we must be pretty clever too. To repay us, Emma makes frequent trips to Nuts Central where she misbehaves and nicks drinks from the fridge, and quite frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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Official Emma Glover

Visit Emma's official website where you can watch Emma Glover videos and see more photos. Plus, get all the latest news from Emma by reading her blog and see exclusive content.

Emma Glover - Official Site


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