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Kaylee Carver

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Kaylee's Bio

Hull born Kaylee is an all round beauty with a straight A-star brain and generous 30F boobs.
With her first bra being brought at the age of ten, it was obvious she was going go on to great things.

Since her Nuts debut she's starred in scorching hot shoots alongside fellow newcomer Rosie Jones, helping lads decide what saucy underwear to buy their ladies, and it was so hot we had to break out the emergency fire extinguishers!

One of Nuts' hottest ever brunettes, Kaylee can't wait to get naked and show you how much she loves her body and when the 20-year-old beauty isn't rushing to peel her clothes for us at Nuts she enjoys dancing - possibly the sexiest pastime for a lady!
As Nuts 9th sexiest singleton and 13th sexiest "Nuts Babe Ever!", the only way for Kaylee is up!

Kaylee says...

"I just can't wait to take my clothes off - I don't know what it is but I just love being naked!"

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