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Sexy Lucy Pinder!

Sexy Lucy Pinder!

Lucy Pinder is a bit like the Queen, except that she's a) mega fit and b) not 89 and c) gets her boobs out. Because she's Nuts mag royalty we like to look at her as much as possible, and we regard ourselves as her loyal subjects. If she asked us to do anything, anything at all, then we would, if she showed us her boobs. Well we're sure you probably feel the same way, so here's loads of smoking-hot pictures of one of the most beautiful women in the country showing us what she looks like without clothes on. Bow to the Pinder everyone.

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Visit Lucy's official website where you can order her calendar, full of the sexiest shots you will find. Plus get all the latest news from your favourite glamour girl by registering for newsletters and updates. You can even download videos and get your very own Lucy Pinder desktop, what more could you ask for!

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