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Rhian Sugden

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Rhian Sugden's Bio

Blokes will always love stunning blonde bombshells with large bosoms and Rhian Marie Sugden is definitely one of those. Another vivacious northern lovely - Rhian hails from Bury - with a magnificent 32E chest, Rhian actually didn't believe that she would ever make it as a glamour girl, which is slightly ironic given that she is now the subject of a BBC3 series called Glamour Girls. It's fair to say that, when she's not appearing in Nuts, Rhian has a lot of very interesting pastimes. She does voluntary work at an animal sanctuary and has done a 14,000 foot parachute jump for the RSPCA so we think it's fair to describe her as an animal lover. Her personal motto is "shoot for the moon - if you miss at least you'll be among the stars." We don't know exactly what that means but we like the sound of it.

Rhian says...

"I think snogging in public is quite cute. I'd like to have sex in public sometimes, too. Maybe under the stars or in a car!"

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Official Rhian Sugden

Want to contact the stunning Rhian? It's easy, just take a look at her official website where you can also find all the latest news concerning the blonde bombshell. There's a list of upcoming appearances and info on how to buy her calendar. What a result.

Rhian Sugden - Official Site

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