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About me:

hey im stacey,im a bubbly person i get on with everyone well apart from my lil sis lol, im a lap and pole dancer where i dance at diffrent venues and tour with uk fast girls.i love to party and to shop and try new places ect. there isit really much to know about me hehe... xx

My three wishes:
  1. to be a top model
  2. to have everything
  3. and to be in love
Favourite Tipple:
Favourite music:
house music
Favourite film:
one flew over the cookoos ness
Favourite TV:
dnt really watch it
Favourite boozer:
so many but at the mo DRAYMAN
Favourite club:
house amo and liquid
Favourite place:
my bed
LIL dogs partyin, being taken out, snuggles and kisses lol
smelly rude and bitchey people also when people eat with there mouth open or LIE!!!!
Who I'd like to meet:
justin timberlake
Superpower I'd like to have:
What song best describes me:
heart breaker

stacey lacey

stacey lacey (9)

  • 13 January, 2009 07:04
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stacey lacey

stacey lacey (6)

  • 31 January, 2009 09:24
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